Summer is Here - Why not try an Outdoor Shower?

Summer is Here - Why not try an Outdoor Shower?With the weather getting warmer and pool season in full swing, we are faced with a whole new set of issues. Our guests and children enjoy the pool, but we don't want them tracking through our home to take a shower after the day is done. Well, we have the solution for you. We will explore some great and innovative used for outdoor showers!

Poolside Use After a long day swimming in the pool, or just relaxing poolside, one can really build up a sweat. Why not have a shower outside, ready for you and your guests? These showers are made of stainless steel, and although need to be winterized, will hold up against the harsh outdoor elements. Ranging in various styles and installation set ups, we are sure you can find one suitable for your space. 
On a Boat Like poolside, why track inside your luxury yacht with the salt water from your swim in the ocean. An outdoor shower can be mounted on your yacht deck for easy access and wash down once yo…

Innovating the Ordinary - The Modern Medicine Cabinet

Innovating the Ordinary - The Modern Medicine Cabinet What can be more ordinary than your bathroom medicine cabinet or mirror? Basic glass door, simple storage and maybe a decorative frame here or there. Robern, a Kohler company, has been an industry leader in bathroom storage solutions since the company's inception. Robern medicine cabinets can include built in lighting, speakers and USB and electrical charging outlets. Keep reading for the modern touch Robern has integrated into their cabinet offering!

Integrated LightingGone are the times when a light strip above or next to the medicine is enough. For some spaces that works, but Robern has fully integrated LED lighting into their cabinets. A modern strip within the cabinet itself can be used to illuminate a small bathroom or provide light for the user to shave or apply makeup. Robern also offers sconces and and lighting strips you can gang next to or above the medicine cabinets, but why not go for an all in one solution and ch…

Towel Warmers: The Multi-Purpose Heaters That You Need

Towel Warmers: The Multi-Purpose Heaters That You NeedEver have the feeling that your laundry pile is growing at an exponential rate with mildew-ridden towels? Ever walk out of the shower and get hit with the freezing cold air of the bathroom? Ever wished that your towel was preheated for you so that the transition from shower-to-bathroom was less abrupt?
All of these problem can be erased with just one product: the towel warmer.
History of the Towel Warmer The origin of the towel warmer is found in the invention of the “radiator,” which is said to have been invented in St. Petersburg, Russia in about 1855. The radiator forms part of a central heating system whereby a boiler heats water, which is pumped through a series of pipes in a building or home in order to heat the room. A radiator would be placed in a room in order to concentrate more heat in that room. As bathrooms were heated in this way, towels or articles of clothing were placed on the radiator to dry—hence, the advent of t…

The TOTO Neorest - A Toilet, A Bidet An Experience

The TOTO Neorest - A Toilet, A Bidet An ExperienceAlthough I usually try to discuss a concept, brand, or a "how-to," this product is way too cool to pass over. As separate bidets have been slowly dropping in popularity, manufacturers have been coming up with ways to integrate the bidet function into toilet seats. TOTO has been the industry leader in sanitary-ware functionality and at no surprise to us, have come up with the all in one toilet. The Neorest toilet by TOTO is sure to amaze, remember, its all about the experience. 

What is a bidet, or a bidet seat? I'm sure you have walked into your grandmother's bathroom at one time and saw the toilet, but also saw a smaller toilet looking bowl, usually with either a small faucet or handles sticking up from where the tank is supposed to be. This small piece of porcelain is known as a bidet. After doing one's business, instead of toilet paper, the user would move to the bidet and use the water to clean themselves. Alt…

Handling The Handles - The Many Different Touches of Brizo

Handling The Handles - The Many Different Touches of Brizo Since the beginning of time, people have been adding their own personal touches and style to their spaces. Brizo recognized this need and since their inception almost every faucet collection comes with the option of customizable handles. Besides for the finish, a changeable handle allows for a personal look and each room, even if it contains the same faucet can be slightly different. I wanted to point out 2 of Brizo's more recent releases, each collection contains more handle choices than the next...
Litze  This collection. was inspired by the modern arts & crafts style. The Litze lavatory faucets are available in 2 spout heights and have 5 different handle options.

The industrial style lever (top left) or knurled T lever (top right), gives an rugged feel to your bathroom, while the teak handle (bottom center) adds a pop of traditional flair to your space. You can always go classic with the basic handle, or basic exte…

Dornbracht - Unparalleled Design & Function

Dornbracht - Unparalleled Design & Function
For over 65 years, Dornbracht has been the leader in the luxury plumbing industry. While their timeless designs and functionality are second to none, there are two very modern collections that stand out: Supernova and Vaia Supernova by DornbrachtLike a fine cut diamond, the Supernova fixtures are sculpted with numerous facets and surfaces. With the introduction of this line, Dornbracht also introduced the champagne finish. This finish is a light gold which preserves the luxury feeling without the harsh orange look that a typical gold resonates. The name of this collections, supernova, is very fitting as these fixtures invoke an extreme burst of elegance, just as light bursts from an exploding star. This collection was designed in conjunction with Seiger Design and has one the iF product design award (Hanover) along the the Good Design award (Chicago, USA)
Vaia by DornbrachtThe Vaia collection from Dornbracht blends modern minimalist and tr…

The Luxury Tub Material - Englishcast by V+A

The Luxury Tub Material - Englishcast by V+ABath tubs can be manufactured of many different materials. Enameled cast iron, acrylic and solid surface stone are today's industry standard. Victoria and Albert have been manufacturing their tubs and sinks from a very unique material, and here is why...

Victoria and Albert made their mark on the industry by producing gorgeous free standing bathtubs. Each tub is a work of art and the focal point of any bathroom. As if producing a unique product is not enough, they also cast each tub out of a proprietary material called ENGLISHCAST. This material is a mixture of volcanic limestone and resin and has major advantages over the typical solid surface tubs that the competition makes. This unique material is 100% one piece is hand finished and has natural properties that we all want that make ENGLISHCAST the perfect material for tubs.

Volcanic limestone is formed when liquid magma acts on chalky limestone. The heat and pressure transforms the na…